I am Kaito Allanso. I am 24 years old. I am of mixed-heritage, Nigerian and English and I am proud of both. I am currently finishing an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences at Brunel University. I have been drawing my entire life. I draw to capture the beauty around me. I one day hope to become a doctor but even then will continue to draw my feelings and capture the beauty of the world.

This artwork was drawn by Kaito Allanso. All Rights Reserved. @kaitokta

STOP KILLING US. When someone looks at this image I want them to first see that the killing of black people by the police, the very system that is meant to protect us, has to stop killing us. I drew a young black boy because every black man that is killed by the police or wrongfully convicted of a crime is someone’s son, a mother is somewhere crying for her little boy. Black men are often portrayed as aggressive or angry when they are simply human. I drew a child behind bars to show how often black people can feel trapped by poverty, discrimination and hatred. For generations black people have begged the world to stop mistreating us simply because of our skin and unfortunately our generation is still having to fight this battle but we will continue to fight it. STOP KILLING US.

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Our site aims to publish personal commentaries, articles, essays and artwork from young people across the UK and around the world focusing on a range of issues affecting society today.

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