From A Teacher to The World: BLACK. LIVES. MATTER.

Ms Linsz is an Elementary School teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina. She continues to protest with her family. This is her message to you.

I march for my students. I march for my friends. I march for my family. I march for my community. I march for those I don’t know- for humanity. Do not stop fighting. The revolution is happening and change is coming. I have gotten to experience the power of these protests, feeling the energy of urgency and a demand for justice. Protest. Donate. Sign petitions. Call or write your representatives. Vote. Speak out against injustices and speak up for what’s right. Make your voice heard. Black lives matter.Anna Linsz

North Carolina remains one of the most racially divided states in the US. It is reportedly home to 9 KKK organisations, the third highest number of any state and was listed by The Atlanta Black Star in 2014 in the top 5 most racist US states. Less than a fortnight ago, three police officers in were fired over racist and ‘hate-filled speech’ where they discussed ‘slaughtering’ Black people and one saying he was ‘ready’ for a second ‘civil war’. 89 incidents involving the officers are now being reviewed for bias (CBS News).

Compiled by @cocohuggins for The Geographer Journalist

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