Inside Turkmenistan: No Covid 19? All Is Not What It Seems…

This article explores the situation in the reclusive state of Turkmenistan during the Coronavirus pandemic and the attempts the authoritarian government has been going to in order to supress both the outbreak and the very existence of the virus in the country.

Live Aid or Dead Aid?

13th July 2020 On the surface Live Aid may seem to be a success story, one which the West can be proud of. As we delve deeper however, we see that there is much that is problematic about Live Aid and what it represents… Today marks 35 years since the legendary Live Aid concert onContinue reading “Live Aid or Dead Aid?”

50+ Books By Black Authors You Should Read

A Swiss Glimpse of the ‘New Normal’

In this article, Emily Beringer discusses her experience of the pandemic from her home in Switzerland.

‘Say His Name’: #BlackLivesMatter One Month On.

Yesterday marked one month since the death of George Floyd on 25th May, 2020. In this article, I examine what the #BlackLivesMatter movement has achieved and how much further we will have to go.

When Colston Came Crumbling Down

18th June, 2020 On Sunday 7th June 2020, protesters in Bristol brought down one of the city’s most prominent figures, Edward Colston, in a rousing iconoclasmic act that saw him toppled all the way down to the murky depths of the River Avon. Home Secretary Priti Patel has described Colston’s forcible deposition by the peopleContinue reading “When Colston Came Crumbling Down”

What was the Tulsa Massacre or ‘Race Riots’?

This article outlines the events of the Tulsa Massacre, 1921 in light of Donald Trump’s recent announcement that his next rally will be held in the city in Oklahoma. #nojusticenopeace